Editing Services


You want an editor you can trust — and who won’t tear you a new one.

For more than fifteen years, I’ve provided editing feedback on novels, poems, scholarly articles, technical articles, literary magazines, student essays, resumes, college applications, and more. Most recently, I was the editor of 1808: Greensboro’s Monthly and assistant editor for Winston-Salem Monthly. Take a look at my resume here. I’m also a total grammar nerd, having read several books on the subject cover to cover.


Edward Ip, PhD, Professor of Public Health Sciences, Department of Biostatistics, Wake Forest Baptist Health:

“Kat is a highly dependable editor. I have used Kat multiple times (all for scholarly manuscripts) and found her service very professional. She paid attention to details and always got back to me on time. She checked both grammar and presentation. If she found something she couldn’t understand, she would make notes and suggestions so I could rework the sentence. Great service!”

John Haugh, Poet:

“Kat is not only a smart, capable poet but also a generous editor who offered several insightful suggestions both on specific poems and on the ordering of poems in my chapbook.  She found a remarkable potential sequence of poems, drawing on themes I had not recognized in several poems.  I am grateful for having worked with her.”

Cyndi Briggs, PhD, teacher, writer, documentarian, and co-editor of Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing:

“Kat edited my fiction and non-fiction writing from Fall 2013 to Spring 2016. She has the remarkable ability to see both the big picture and the small details at the same time. She honestly shares her opinions about faulty plot points or ambiguous character development, and she is a stickler (in the best way) for grammar and syntax. I have learned so much from working with her, and my writing has improved significantly as a result. Most importantly, she can be honest while still being kind. In addition to her technical expertise, her warm personality and sense of humor makes the process a pleasure. I highly recommend working with Kat!”

R. Caresse Hightower, author of the Mark of the Wiseman series:

“I’ve been writing novels for eight years, and have had many an experience with editors, professional and otherwise. Kat has been exceptionally thorough with grammar, syntax, and plot and character development in the years I’ve worked with her. She really sets herself apart from those I’ve worked with in the past, and I plan on continuing to trust her with my work in the future.”


Creative Writing (prose, poetry, creative non-fiction):

  • Global editing (general feedback on content, consistency, organization, etc.): $25/hr.
  • Local editing (line-by-line editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, format, etc.): $35/hr.

Academic and Technical Writing:

  • Global and/or local editing: $65/hr.


If you’re interested in these services, please fill out the form below. I will respond within 48 hours and may ask for additional information. Before we begin working together, we will negotiate a contract in which we finalize deadlines, fees, and policies.