George T. Wilkerson

George T. Wilkerson is an award-winning poet, artist, and writer on North Carolina’s Death Row. Because prisoners are not allowed to host their own websites, I want to give him a page on mine.

I met George in early 2021 after reading Crimson Letters: Voices from Death Row. Tessie Castillo, editor of the book, hosted a book club where readers could speak with each of the coauthors. I learned that George was a fellow poet (a damn good one, too), so I sent a letter asking for feedback. Pretty soon, we had a regular correspondence, sharing feedback on poetry and learning about each other’s lives.

George is admirable for both his craft and his dedication to his craft. But he’s not just a talented poet; he’s an excellent public speaker, writer, editor, and artist — not to mention a downright thoughtful, friendly person. As a Christian, he’s committed to injecting LOVE into all aspects of his life and his relationships.

If you’re interested in George speaking at your event or for your class, please contact me.




  • Interface, Victor Hassine Memorial Scholarship Award, 2021
  • “Court Kings and Flight Lessons,” first place, PEN Award for Best Poem, 2021
  • Talking to My Mom in Autumn,” Story of the Week, Prison Journalism Project, 2021 and 2020
  • Catch-22,” Press 53’s Prime 53 Poem Summer Challenge, 2020
  • The Knowledge of Good and Evil,” third place, Walk in Those Shoes writing contest, 2020
  • Interface, finalist for Press 53’s Poetry Book Contest, 2019
  • Interface, finalist for Cathy Smith Bowers Chapbook Contest, 2018
  • “The Blacksmith,” winner of LifeLines’ poetry competition, 2015
  • “At the Zoo,” winner of LifeLines’ poetry competition, 2014




  • “Vacant Lots & Aviaries,” first place, PEN America, 2021
  • “Cave Painting,” PEN/Vera Institute of Justice prize, 2021
  • Death Row’s First Ever Talent Show,” The Marshall Project, 2019 Ellie Award finalist
  • “The Mechanics of Miracles,” The Wings, Samuel Johnson Essay Contest, Aug. 2019
  • Limp Gray Fur,” second place in memoir, PEN America, 2018 Prison Writing Awards


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